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SIP Trunking Services

Pure Telcoms can take your business to the next level. BT Openreach now deems traditional ISDN and PSTN services end of life. Therefore, now is the time to evolve your business and make the cloud work for you. We offer the latest technology enabling your business to react to market opportunity without the challenges of having to manage precious resources and maintain levels of expertise in-house. Improve your customer service so you can respond quickly and flexibly to meet demand.


SIP Trunking bridges legacy and next-generation voice technology. It provides a simple first step toward unified communications without any major disruption. Therefore, it’s the ideal replacement for ISDN lines, offering greater flexibility and business continuity as standard.

Businesses need to replace legacy ISDN30e / ISDN2e and PSTN lines. BT Openreach has officially announced the end of life for ISDN and PSTN lines. Pure Telecoms SIP trunks are a low cost and flexible option.

The PSTN and ISDN switch-off: what it means for you!

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