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Hosted VoIP Telephone Systems

Our philosophy is only to deploy technologies with proven agility and effectiveness for our clients, Pure Telecoms partner with industry-leading manufacturers and service providers. Most importantly this allows us to design bespoke Commercial Hosted Telephone Systems that are a perfect fit for our customers.

What is VoIP ?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a modern alternative to traditional ISDN or analogue phone lines. The big difference? A business phone call made using a VoIP phone system is delivered over the internet via our hosted network rather than traditional phone lines.

Cloud-based business VoIP phone systems provide all the features you would expect from a traditional phone system, and many more. Businesses of all sizes are moving their business critical services such as email, and CRM to the cloud because it is more cost-effective and flexible. They are moving their phone systems to the cloud too.

Cloud-based business phone systems deliver all the features organisations expect from a traditional phone system – plus unified communications. Services such as instant messaging, mobile apps, video conferencing and more. Cloud infrastructure takes all the guess work away by offering a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow service. It doesn’t skimp on quality or features, it won’t hurt the bottom line and it will continue to deliver innovative services year after year.

How does it work?

Whether you are a small team looking to manage your inbound calls efficiently, or a large call centre with multi-site connectivity, we can fulfil your needs. Furthermore, the flexibility of our system allows us to work with your existing analogue or digital infrastructure to lead your business into SIP and hosted telephony (VoIP).

Why Pure Telecoms and 3CX?

Simple cost model 

Instead of paying high upfront costs, we can offer the same solutions with minimal hardware and a low monthly fee. No need for you to worry about the space and hassle of hardware in your offices. 


An easy to scale solution 

You can add extensions as required on a per use basis. The system will grow with your business. 


Unified communications

With apps for Android and IOS, softphone for Windows, WebRTC and client-less web conferencing you are guaranteed to be in the loop wherever you are. Home workers and remote sites all link to the one system, whether you’re using the 3CX soft-phone on your laptop or the 3CX app on your smartphone you can work from anywhere.  


Secure Platform
We take care of your system in our secure, co-located, resilient platform, and when you need to make changes you can simply access your system through a web interface. 

Speak to us to discuss what you need from your telephone systems and we can support you in building a system that increases your productivity

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