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Business Broadband

We can provide you with the reliable and fast connectivity that your business needs to thrive.


Our partners give us all the options you need to have the network that you can trust to save you time, stress and money.

What are the possibilities?

At Pure Telecoms we provide the best broadband option to suit you.


Full Fibre To Premises (FTTP)

With FFTP there's no copper cable or sharing with your neighbours. Just reliable video calls and fast file uploads. Full Fibre can handle working from home, even if the kids are online too.  


Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

This is the most common type of broadband connection used in UK homes and is one of the cheapest connections to the internet available. The vast majority of the UK has FTTC available in their area meaning it is quick to install. However, because the connection is shared with users around your area the performance can be hindered during peak hours and because it’s a contended connection, FTTC is not powerful enough for most businesses.


Leased Line

A leased line means dedicated internet access with no one sharing your connection, ensuring fast, reliable speeds. It’s also symmetrical, so your business will receive equal upload and download speeds.

Why Pure Telecoms?

Quality connections and resilient networks 

We know that you need to stay online, connected to your customers and the rest of the workforce. We know that you want performance that enables you to operate at your best. We know that it can't cost the earth.


We pride ourselves on  supplying high quality equipment and fast, reliable connections that our clients can trust to power their businesses.


Easy billing 

If we take care of your mobiles too then you get everything billed on one invoice, making your life a little bit easier with a little less admin. 


Flexible contracts

With contract lengths seeming to be ever increasing, we work hard to be able to offer you different options for your broadband agreements. Technology and business needs are always changing and we recognise that we need to be a  partner that can support you with what you need, not what you have to put up with.

Speak to us to discuss what you need from your connectivity and networks. We can support you in building a system that increases your productivity and enables growth

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